R&D Center

R&D Center

Founded in 2002,
Biocostec Research Institute was accredited by the Central Research Institute in 2005.
And they specialized in cosmetic research and development.

The CEO, who was a researcher, is doing his best to develop professional talent.
In addition, he strives to be an excellent business partner by providing the best ideas and products.

Achievements and products through major research and development

Developed cosmetics using natural ingredients
  • 01

    Developed hot massage pack using lyophilized pumpkin powder.

  • 02

    Developed moisture soothing pack using French rose petals

  • 03

    Developed whitening cosmetics using Lingon berry seed oil From Finland

  • 04

    Serum & Toner for Pore Care using Artichoke Leaf Extract

Functional special products
  • cleansing cream

    Sherbet type cleansing cream with strong cleansing effect

  • peeling gel

    Keratin peeling gel using natural cellulose

  • primer

    Concealer primer to hide wrinkles

  • Whitening cream

    Whitening cream made with alpha arbutin

  • serum and toner

    Spot serum and toner for acne skin

  • elasticity improvement

    Product for elasticity improvement using EGF and active peptide

  • sunscreen

    W/S sunscreen without sticky, not leaving white cast

  • natural ingredients

    Preservative-free products made from natural ingredients.

view of the R&D Center

  • R&D Center

  • R&D Center

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  • Instrumental Analysis Lab.

  • Chemical Lab.