Production Infrastructure

Production Infrastructure

(Biocostec Co., Ltd. acquired CGMP (Excellent Cosmetic Manufacturing Standards and Quality Control Standard), ISO 22716, and now produces excellent products through advanced production automation system and strict quality control system.

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    Purified Water System

    Reverse Osmosis Ro and Electro Deionized System combine to produce purified water close to ultrapure water.

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    RWS(RWS: Raw material Weighing System)

    All processes from raw material reception to weighing and manufacturing are automatically recorded / managed by Raw Material Weighing System (RWS). Through this, we are making efforts to reduce defects by strengthening traceability of manufacturing records such as increasing productivity of products and preventing incorrect input of weighing raw materials.

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    Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used to automatically process logistics data from warehouses such as inventory management, delivery management, and logistics management.

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